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Ruth has illustrated all her life. Studying fashion illustration in college in the UK and life drawing in NYC.  Styles of particular popularity are her family portraits with her signature pen and pencil drawing.
Additionally Ruth has a love of the Pin Up girl style illustrations from her years studying the history of film and US lifestyle. These can be bought as a series of greeting cards or in some cases commissioned by friends and family for special occasions or invites.  Please contact for ready to order prints or special orders. 


Ruth Mac Gowan

Our ‘Bean an Ti (woman of the house in Irish) waiting for her farmer to come home’. Happens to be having a pint of Guinness in her hand and wears svelte backless aran sweater with her Louboutins.

Drawn from Ruth’s imagination in pen and pencil, Ruth combines her feel for fashion with a feel for Ireland in a seductive message of today’s Ireland.

Coordinates with Gonne Wilde neon crochet table wear & linen napkins.


preparing For Every Occasion

At Home Illustration consultation, get ahead of the season by organising your social diary events, invites & thank you notes.

Gratitude to your closer circle of friends
Love those essential friends & family of course and show them through personalised art, how special they are to you.

 Let us organise this for you.

  • Personalised thank you notes.
  • Invites for special occasions 
  • Personalised birthday cards
  • Seasonal diary
  • Your style in a hand drawn image 
  • Your lifestyle in a  word.
  • Your favourite look in a drawing – forever archived.
  • Means more than a ‘Hallmark’ card.
  • A special moment captured in a hand drawing
  • Your favourite Colours  
  • Mini Art
  • Holidays remembered.
  • From the heart
  • Friends as Art.

 Illustrations: To Order

Your Bespoke Family Portrait

Illustrations: To Order

your Bespoke Pin Up Portrait

Inspiration: Pin Up Girls, famous Vargas style illustration of you or your friend in your favourite outfit. What way to celebrate a friendship / special event.

Marilyn gets real for Playboy 1953

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